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You know the scene well - you're on the dancefloor, enjoying the music, having a pretty good time...and then the DJ drops a new track. Suddenly, your chest is rattling, the frequencies leave an aftershock. Before you know it, mind and body feel like they've been strapped to a spaceship manned by interstellar party aliens hitting every button on the console as you rip through a multi-dimensional warp - and you're loving every second of it.

This is the ultimate strength of a DJ like Udachi (AKA Greg Pesochin) - what may sound familiar at first draws you in with an undeniable raw, slightly psychedelic edge, unpredictable and addictive. Inspiring listeners for years, Udachi's music is a gateway to his mind. And it's a pretty exhilarating place to be.

Born in Ukraine in 1981, Greg Pesochin moved to America in 1990 and was raised in Staten Island, NY. During his youth, Greg took a job at a roller rink dressing up as a dinosaur and teaching kids how to hokey pokey and cha-cha slide (no joke!) but soon transitioned from dino to DJ, regularly spinning freestyle and disco to revelers during nights there. Greg began to attend parties at NYC's Tunnel in the early 2000's, and sustained himself on a steady diet of harder edged NYC rave music, branching out to eventually remix The Panacea (Position Chrome), and DJ Luna-C (Knite Force).

In College, Greg spent 4 years spinning and hosting a weekly dance-oriented radio show, interviewing and hosting guests like Reid Speed, Hybrid, and Omar Santana. In 2005, Greg linked up with fellow producer and DJ AC Slater, who introduced him to a melting pot of electronic sounds from every genre, including old school piano rave, house, breaks, and drum and bass, further expanding his musical knowledge and diversity of influences - most notable of which include music like Hellfish, Boxcutter, Penta, and The Panacea to current sounds by folks like Drop the Lime, Crookers, and BassNectar & Benga.

In 2007, Greg officially took on the name Udachi, beginning to produce and push his unique sound and style - the culmination of all the years of radio, raving and head banging, always in pursuit of that perfect moment in music that makes the listener lose their mind. If you've heard even one Udachi track - you can vouch for the fact that those moments of ultimate, mind-bending insanity are not hard to come by.

Udachi has remained busy ever since - with releases including "Jelly Roll" on Trouble and Bass and a remix of Audio Bullys' "Dope Fiend" alongside the legendary Tommie Sunshine, which DMC Magazine proclaimed "could be the killer remix of 2009." "Dope Fiend" also made rounds on Kissy Sell Outs radio show on BBC, as well as in the Jack Beats Fabric Live mix, and Udachi's premiere remix of AC Slater's "Jack got Jacked" was licensed on the compilation "Relax It Won't Hurt" mixed by Tommie Sunshine on Ultra Records. In addition to a these releases, Udachi has played a slew of DJ sets with artists such as Mightyfools, Bart B More, Drop The Lime, AC Slater, Tittsworth, B. Rich, Deathface, Paserock, Foamo, and Starkey, just to name a few.

In early 2010, Udachi released the uprock smash single "P-Funk Skank" with remixes by the likes of Nadastrom, B. Rich, Costello, Dave Nada and Ricorb, and his current material includes an EP in the works for Palms Out Sound, a heavy bass remix of Rico Tubb's "It Gets No Better", a remix of "We Own The Sky" by M83 (a repeat #1 on Hype Machine's Daily Most Popular Tracks), and a single alongside Jess Jubilee ("Paypur/Smoke Rings") for the Nighshifters label, complete with a trippy music video, made in collaboration with No Name Brand Film and QuizBowl productions. The video for "Smoke Rings" is a truly epic production made on a tinfoil budget, and entails Udachi and Jubilee on a quest to recover some weed stolen by sneaky aliens, culminating in a major interplanetary dance party. If you haven't checked this one out yet - you owe it to yourself to get on YouTube ( right now and scope it out.

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